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First exchange between medical device cybersecurity projects

Following an initial introduction facilitated by the European Commission, the MedSecurance project participated on 8 March to a first multi-project exchange with three other Horizon Europe funded research projects that are each addressing technologies for enhancing cybersecurity of connected medical devices.

The projects that participated to the information exchange with MedSecurance were NEMECYS, SEPTON and ENTRUST each of which were launched around the same time as MedSecurance and will run for three years. The meeting was organised by SINTEF, who is the Coordinator for the NEMECYS project and each of the projects presented an overview of their projects, technologies to be developed, Use Cases for validation and project timings.

The projects agreed to collaborate on near terms topics including an in-person meeting to discuss the MDCG medical equipment guidelines as each project is targeting eventual recommendations for improvements to the MDCG guidelines for improved security of medical devices and systems, and also to collaborate in dissemination and stakeholder engagement actions between the projects.


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