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MedSecurance Project Meeting held in Portugal (Lisbon, Costa Caparica 7-8 Sept)

In the first days of September, MedSecurance, the transformative project aimed at elevating security standards within the healthcare sector, completed a 2-day Workshop near Lisbon, on the coast of Caparica.

This workshop was characterised by the broad participation from all the members that will contribute to the project and the excellent hosting from The Open Group, the project’s Technology Director, and the Unparallel Innovation company, the project Coordinator.

Among the issues that have been discussed were

  • Requirements & Design of Automated IoMT Security Analysis & Assurance Toolbox (Sept)

  • R&D partner presentations on future developments and innovations

  • Consensus / Harmonisation of the security tools to be developed

  • Deliverable Finalisation

  • Toolkit implications for the MDCG Guidelines

  • Workshop: Toolbox Development

  • Dissemination and Promotion proposal

The MedSecurance project goal is to deliver a monumental leap forward in healthcare cybersecurity, ushering in an era of heightened security awareness, resilience, and trust in healthcare services. This ambitious initiative is poised to redefine the way healthcare organizations protect sensitive patient information and uphold their commitment to data privacy and security. The MedSecurance project receives funding under the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 101095448.

All the participants will be gathered again, next year in Cyprus and discuss the development of security and risk analysis tools and deliverables agreed in Portugal.

You can stay tuned as MedSecurance will be fortifying the future of healthcare data protection and visit our website, or you can follow our social media accounts. For additional information, media inquiries, or any other requests, please contact: Mr. Patrick Weber


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